How to Be More Human on Social Media

The first rule of social media is to be human. There is no substitute for being real. Don’t make the mistake of using artificial preservatives or additives. The human touch is what sets us apart from other species. Many organizations don’t have people with this kind of skills and therefore have to resort to less human ways of communicating. Being more human also requires being honest and apologetic when you mess up.

How to be More Human

Brand Genetics, a biotech company, is using Instagram to create a movement based on the idea that humans are more important than machines. The brand wants to break the stigma surrounding periods and take real action against period poverty. The campaign features inspiring women who are using social media to be the best versions of themselves. You can join the movement! Just be yourself and follow these tips to be more human. You can start today!

Creating a social media community that reflects your values and personality is an important part of being human. This means being open and accessible to people on different platforms. Becoming more human online means fostering relationships and building a network that fosters social and professional growth. It is also important to avoid using artificial intelligence to manipulate others. This can lead to negative interactions and even sex violence. Keeping your conversations and interactions real can make your life easier.