The End of Happiness – A Dark and Twisted Tale of Love and Loss

The End of Happiness

The End of Happiness is a dark and twisted tale of love and loss. Set in modern times, the show depicts the struggles and rewards of relationships and is a powerfully uplifting drama. It is a must-see for fans of Korean television. The main characters are the Seo-Yoon family and Tae-Seok, a physician and professor at the University of Southern California. The film was produced by Lee Jae-sun.

The End of Happiness follows the lives of the three people who had an affair. At first, the couple lived a happy life. Later, they became lovers. Ji Hyun was cured but was later bitten by a woman who attacked him for money. But then, the woman who bit him died and he went on a mission to protect the others. At the end, the two share a loving kiss. The end of the drama is much appreciated by its fans.

The end of Happiness takes a turn in Episode 12. In this scene, Yi-hyun tries to snatch Andrew’s gun, but is shot in the stomach. He is then turned around by Sae-bom, who uses his blood to kill him. The ending makes it seem like Yi-hyun is dying, but the epilogue shows that she and Joo-hyeong are still alive. Meanwhile, Yeon-ok, another main character in Happiness, is still alive.