How to Be Less Human – A Book Review

The title of this documentary is How to Be Less Human and is a pun on Bush’s famous quote “another wrote word.” The reference was to the countless Americans who died in the war in Iraq. Many people criticized Bush’s comment and said that he should have said sorry instead of using a “sorry” when he made it. It was not one of his best lines. Some writers asked why he needed to say it.

How to be Less Human

The answer is simple. We tend to think of ourselves as less human when we act unethically. Whether it is stealing, lying, or cheating, we think of ourselves as less human when we do it. Embracing our human qualities can improve our morality and enhance our self-esteem. This book is a great way to make that happen. Once you learn how to be less human, you’ll find it hard to go back.

For example, we interpret Frankie the original android as less human, but we all see them differently. We have different interpretations of him and see him in a different way. Andrew the second android, on the other hand, has a completely different personality. And Simone is the third android, with different traits. So we need to embrace our human qualities to be more moral. If we do this, our morality will increase.