How to Be More Ethical!

Many of us are guilty of thinking of ourselves as less human, and this leads to unethical behavior. Instead of thinking of yourself as less human, try to embrace your qualities, like empathy and kindness. It will increase your morality. In fact, embracing your human qualities will improve your life. So, how do you be more ethical? Read on to learn how! Here are some tips. So, how do you be more ethical!

How to be Less Human

One of the most basic rules of ethics is to be honest. When we are dishonest, we feel that we are less human. When we lie, we think that we are less human. Moreover, we think that we are more human when we act dishonestly. And when we tell the truth, we are more humane. In other words, when we are dishonest, we think we are more human.

It has been scientifically proven that people think less of themselves when they are dishonest. A recent study showed that children as young as five years old begin seeing the world in terms of “us” and “them.” Yet, Americans can be blatantly dehumanizing and untrustworthy. This study highlights a new phenomenon called the commodification of human beings. Clearly, this is a big problem.