The Meaning of Life

While philosophers and theologians have debated what the meaning of life is, one of the earliest concepts of the concept is the existence of God. According to Aristotle, the essence of eudaimonia is excellence and good character. Epicurus thought that the meaning of life is pleasure and freedom from pain. Both of these concepts were based on the ancient Greek school of thought, which believed that the meaning of life was found in living according to one’s nature. The meaning of life was said to be realized in simple, uncomplicated living, free of a desire for fame, wealth, or sex.

The Meaning of Life

While all human belief systems differ from one another in their accuracy, it is essentially the same that all of them are arbitrary. Moreover, they change over time, from culture to culture, and even era to era. Therefore, an objective meaning of life must transcend individual belief systems and be derived from universal laws. This is not as easy to achieve as it sounds. But if we could discover the true purpose of life, we would find it much easier to find it.

What is the meaning of life? For some, it is a matter of survival and procreation. For others, the meaning of life is the continued evolution. However, for most, the meaning of life comes from our intellect. Our ability to think and reason brings us the responsibility of consciousness and the ability to analyze complex problems. Some people create a sense of meaning in their lives by using their intellect. But for others, the meaning of life can be anything, from a religious belief to a daily grind.