How to Be More Human – 3 Ways to Be More Profitable in Business

How to be More Human

How to Be More Human – 3 Ways to Be More Profitable in Business

In his book, How to Be More Human, Celeste McLaughlin talks about how human behaviors can be contagious. By becoming more vulnerable, curious about others, and practicing self-inquiry, people will be more likely to interact with you. As a result, businesses will develop more meaningful relationships, increase their productivity, and build stronger communities. In this way, they will become more profitable. Here are three ways to be more human:

First, you can be more human. There is an app that measures your health and wellness by scoring you against various human traits. The app uses the answers to multiple-choice questions to create a personalized Human Score for you. It is designed to start a conversation about healthy choices and make you feel better about yourself. The app will also offer you a free, no-obligation trial run. And the best part is that the app is completely free.

Second, try to avoid being too competitive. Be more compassionate. Be nice to others. For example, if you want to be popular, be nice. But if you want to be liked, be real. This will give you credibility in your community. It will also make you look more human. This way, people will respect you more and treat you better. And you will be more human, too. The next time you post a picture, don’t just make it look good.