How to Be Less Human

The film, How to be Less Human, is a groundbreaking examination of how machine vision interprets race, gender, and class. The film highlights the inherent biases of these algorithms, highlighting the inclusion of non-human actors. How to be Less Human is an affecting examination of the relationship between the human subject and machine learning applications. While the film is a provocative and engrossing read, it is also a powerful commentary on the state of modern society.

How to be Less Human

How to be Less Human examines the role of power in our world. Power differentials between UHs can result in a perception of disparity. Often, this commodification is a way to justify or express power. It is important to understand how this process operates to help us all become more human. It is time to stop being so faceless and more relevant. Make people care about what you have to say, and be authentic.

It is time to start treating people with respect. Using a more humane approach to communication will increase the likelihood that consumers will be more responsive and interested. This is especially critical when it comes to big faceless corporations. The majority of ads these days are complete crap. But if we were to humanize them, we would see more sales. This includes the work of DE&I agencies, stock photos, and the almost-copyrighted term, “humanizing” in the digital age.