Imagine a World Without Fear

What if we could live in a world where no one is afraid? Wouldn’t it be wonderful? Wouldn’t we be able to enjoy every moment without worrying about how others will react? What if we could stop comparing ourselves to psychopaths? What if we had a world filled with heroes who were never afraid? How about a world where no one has to worry about the safety of another?

We have to get rid of fear. The SM book talks about the biological inability to feel fear. Despite being one of the towering emotions, fear has become such a big part of our lives that scientists have even found 400 people with the disorder Urbach-Wiethe. They have a hoarse voice, small bumps on the eyelids, and deposits in the brain. Those who are suffering from this disease do not experience fear at all, but they do have a hoarse voice.

In the SM, fearlessness is caused by a physiological inability to experience the emotion. Unlike normal humans, SM had never experienced fear. She was asked to draw the face of fear by Damasio, but she couldn’t do so. It turned out that she has a disease called Urbach-Wiethe syndrome, which is a genetically-determined condition where people are incapable of feeling fear at all.