The Meaning of Life

In many of our popular works, the mystery of life has become a reoccurring theme. This is true for art, entertainment, and politics. While the nature of meaning is not known, we can assume that it comes from a higher source. A person’s life is meaningful only if it is oriented around their own inner values. For this reason, a person’s life should be oriented around their own personal goals.

The Meaning of Life

A number of theories have been developed to answer these questions. Some are more extreme than others. For instance, one can consider God to be a spiritual being, all-knowing, all-good, and the ground of the physical universe. Another popular view is that the soul is an immortal spiritual substance, which is responsible for a person’s identity and purpose. A person’s life is meaningful only when he or she is in a soul-state.

According to this theory, the purpose of life involves all living things in a shared goal, which is to maximize the enjoyment of life. This view also argues that human beings are a wondrous expression of the laws of nature and the power of the universe. By looking at the way we use these constructs in our lives, we can discover clues about the meaning of life. While some people may have different definitions of meaning, the most important is to think about the process of making sense of the world.