The End of Happiness (Movie Review)

The End of Happiness

The End of Happiness (Movie Review)

The End of Happiness starts off with Seo-Bom, a doctor’s assistant, watching videos of Yi-Hyun on her phone. She is hooked up to machines and getting blood taken. Meanwhile, Seo-Yoon visits her mum who is in the hospital with a cold. Her mum is trying to pass off her infection as a simple cold, but she can’t help it. While she is preparing for surgery, she asks Sae-Bom to take care of her. Suddenly, Eun-Ji turns into a hospital bed and asks Sae-Bom to watch over her.

The series is quite different from the usual romance dramas, with a police officer and a detective playing key roles. The main characters are two detectives, Yi Hyun and Sae Beom. Both are investigating the mysterious death of a woman who killed her boyfriend. In this case, the disease is a real one, and the characters in the building are hiding. When Yi Hyun is attacked by a vicious dog, he tries to resist the urge to bite Andrew. Fortunately, he is saved by Han Tae Seok, who then helps him escape.

The End of Happiness takes a turn for the worse in Episode 12 when Yi-hyun is shot in the stomach and shoots Andrew. The epilogue shows Yi-hyun being shot in the abdomen and dying. The director and the producer teased that this is a fake death as Yi-hyun is alive in the epilogue. But in reality, she is dead. The story’s characters are not dead. They’re just hiding from a terrible disease.