3 Ways to Be More Human

The industrial revolution taught us to be impersonal and mass produced. We now have the ATM in our wallets and call centers are the standard of the world. But it is time to change the way we approach customer service. Customers want more human interactions from their companies. Here are 3 ways to be more human in a conversation. You can do it by acknowledging mistakes and apologizing. In this video, Raiha Shareef shares her experience with these three tips.

How to be More Human

People are not perfect and brands should understand this fact when designing their social media presence. You should treat your followers as real people and treat them with kindness. A brand like Zappos, for instance, understands that we are all not perfect and we should behave the same way online. This is the foundation of effective human-to-human communication. While it is not a quick fix, it is essential for your company’s success.

In the past, computer programs would abort when they couldn’t solve an equation based on its rigid parameters. They would take up so much space, making it impossible to make adjustments. Today, the goal of artificial intelligence is to make flexible decisions within limited time and space constraints. This means that it needs to be more human than it used to be. By incorporating more human characteristics into its design, brands can create more human experiences.