Imagine a World Without Fear

Imagine a world where there are no laws against fear. There is no need for women to be afraid of men or to be scared of the police. Immigrants and refugees are treated with compassion. Every child is accepted and loved. The rule of law is nonviolent, and every government works to reduce climate change. SM has experienced all of these things, and she continues to seek solutions to overcome her fears. We can all imagine a world free of fear.

Imagine a World Without Fear

The first step is to learn how fear affects us. In the modern world, fear can influence decisions and perceptions about people and God. Through this book, you can learn to live in a world without fear. This book is a must-read for all who are concerned about our culture and the future. It will help you break free of the prison of fear and embrace life’s experiences with hope and faith. If you are ready to take a giant leap into a world free of fear, this book is the right read for you.

If you want to read the book and discuss it with your group, you’ll find the discussion guide helpful. The book also has a DVD that outlines its lessons. It’s ideal for individual reflection, and can be used in any group setting. Whether you are leading a discussion or sitting alone with your thoughts, Imagine a World Without Fear will help you learn to live without fear. And as a bonus, you’ll get an extended DVD that contains the first chapter of the book.