How to Be Less Human

How to be Less Human

How to Be Less Human

A 46-year-old dropout from college is teaching people how to be less human in her new book, How to be Less Human. With a limited conscience and surrounded by people without morals, she finds that most people are willing to dehumanize others just to fit in. In this provocative book, Blank explores her personal experiences and teaches us how to be less human ourselves. It is highly recommended reading.

It’s not enough to just be less human. Big faceless companies need to inject some humanity into their ads. Even though most of their ads are crap, a little bit of humanness can go a long way in increasing sales. So, let’s look at DE&I work, stock photos, and that almost-copyrighted phrase: How to be Less Human. It’s time we stopped treating everyone like a human being and embraced the fact that we’re all more than we think.

Injecting a little more humanity into your ads is another way to increase your credibility. Many big-faced corporations need to become more human and frank about their shortcomings. Considering the way most ads are made these days, a little humanizing would go a long way in increasing sales. And while DE&I work is not an oxymoron, stock photos and the almost-copyrighted term “human” are not.