The End of Happiness – Epilogue

The End of Happiness is the third book in the series. It focuses on human happiness and the effects of stress. Kahneman studied memory over a period of time and found that people can only remember certain events if they are emotionally involved. This means that if you feel sad, you aren’t happy. In this book, Kahneman explains the causes and consequences of depression and shows how to deal with them.

Aristotle concludes his Ethics by discussing the highest possible happiness, which is a life of intellectual contemplation. It is this kind of contemplation that separates us from other animals and leads to the highest virtue – love. Aristotle also points out that the contemplative life is impossible to live if there is no government and social environment for it. His end of Ethics provides a perfect segue into his next book, Politics.

In the epilogue, the producer teased the shocking truth of the infectious disease situation, how to cure it, and how lingering emotions will affect the lives of the characters. In this episode, he also introduces a new character, Seung-Young, who will be the hero of the show. But he also reveals that his character is not dead – he’s just reliving a dream that hasn’t happened yet.