How to Be More Human

The industrial revolution taught us that we are all made equal, yet we’re also taught to be dependent on technology. Many of us have become so used to the convenience of an ATM that the local bank teller is a thing of the past. Despite these advances, we still require human contact for the simplest tasks. In most cases, we now prefer a call center or an ATM to a real person. However, if a company employs a human face, it can be a leader in the industry.

How to be More Human

People are not perfect, and if you present yourself as such on social media, you will only raise suspicion. Unlike on your Facebook page, social media interactions should be more like those you have in real life. A handwritten note after a phone call is a great way to make someone feel more human. Brands should strive to create a more authentic interaction with customers. If you can’t be more human, you’ll be perceived as less than genuine.

The key to being more human involves sharing and allowing yourself to be vulnerable. The process of intimacy is messy and abundant, but it’s worth it in the end. You’ll probably disappoint yourself as much as others, but you’ll be a braver person because you’re letting yourself be vulnerable and be a little messy. The more you embrace discomfort, the more confident you’ll be. This will lead you to a more fulfilled life, and you’ll be more open to experiences.