How to Be Less Human

This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand what it takes to become less human. Written by noted researcher and author Dr. David Gilad, this insightful work teaches you how to be less human and succeed in your career. The main characters in this book are 46 year old dropout Jerri Blank and her friend Jeremy. Their morality is so limited that their actions aren’t worth mentioning.

How to be Less Human

A new study shows that people don’t admit that they have any prejudices. That’s good news for the field of psychology, which studies human minds. Until now, psychologists have had difficulty measuring dehumanization, so they have come up with a new measure to gauge the level of a person’s insensitivity to others. In Kteily’s study, mostly white American participants are shown an image of the human ancestor learning to stand, and are asked to rate different groups according to the evolutionary process.

One study also shows that when people are late, they should always apologize to the people who were affected. It is often the staff who holds them hostage for lateness, which is an example of passive aggression. Rather than being egotistical, saying “I’m sorry” can show humility and good manners. And this kind of behavior demonstrates that you’re less human than you think you are. If you’re a self-centred egotist, you’re better off being less human.