Imagine a World Without Fear

It is hard to imagine a world without fear. But if you do, you can imagine a world where you are never afraid of anything. Women can take the subway or walk into a bar without worrying about being harassed by a hunky man. People of color no longer have to worry about police beating them up. Immigrants and refugees are treated with kindness and compassion. Every child is loved. Conflict is resolved peacefully, and every government strives to reduce climate change.

If you were born without fear, it would be impossible to feel it. For some, fear is the most primal emotion. For others, however, it is a way to survive. It is important to remember that our brains don’t need to feel fear. And they are perfectly healthy. Researchers have found that infected people have a disease called Urbach-Wiethe. This disease causes them to have a hoarse voice and small bumps on the eyelids.

Scientists have been able to find a person with this disease who is biologically incapable of feeling fear. This rare condition results in a person having a pounding heart, small bumps around the eyes, and deposits in the brain. It is unknown whether SM’s symptoms are a result of this disease, but it is worth a try. There’s no reason why you can’t achieve the same results.