The End of Happiness – Episode 12

Episode 12 of The End of Happiness begins with Yi-Hyun watching videos on her phone while hooked up to machines and having blood drawn. Afterwards, she visits her mum in the hospital, where she’s infected, but plays it off as a mild cold. Seo-Yoon is undergoing surgery and asks Sae-Bom to look after her while she recovers. However, while she’s in the hospital, she accidentally kills Andrew by shooting him.

The End of Happiness

The End of Happiness by Thomas Aquinas is a book on happiness. In this book, he argues that happiness is a condition of living well and that we are born with the capacity for happiness. The author’s aim is to make readers question their own beliefs about happiness and the importance of living a good life. Ultimately, he says, happiness is a matter of choosing the right path in life, and only a few people can achieve that.

In the book, Aquinas argues that happiness is not self-perfection, but rather self-transcendence. In a late-thirteenth century journal, Conceptions of Happiness and Human Destiny, Wieland explicitly describes his definition as an account of the “essence” of perfect happiness. Similarly, all commentators claim that happiness comes from knowing God, so there is no need for a ‘perfect’ version of happiness.