How to Be More Human

The industrial age taught us to be impersonal, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be human. We no longer need a real person to ask for directions. ATMs have replaced local bank tellers in most locations, and call centers have become a cost center. But when a company puts a face on its customer service and a human behind its business, they can become leaders in their industries. The social web is the perfect place for this.

How to be More Human

Many companies recognize that technology has a profound impact on our daily lives. For example, the work-at-home trend has led to more than a few professionals struggling to connect in a virtual world. A new campaign from Reebok, “Be More Human,” promotes the importance of being the best version of yourself – physically and mentally. This campaign celebrates women who embody this ideal and are doing it with style and grace.

A recent study showed that computer programs would abort if they encountered an equation that was outside of their rigid parameters. The reason was that the repetitive attempts to solve an equation required so much memory and space that they were impossible to adjust. The goal of artificial intelligence is to be flexible within time and space limitations. This allows it to learn from experience. The best AI programs understand how to be human. They also understand that people are not perfect.