How to Be More Human on Social Media

Being human means that you acknowledge your mistakes and apologize when you make them. During the industrial revolution, we learned how to be mechanical and automated. But today, we are more fragile, and we need people to help us communicate. Our ATMs are replacing the local teller. Call centers have become a cost center. Instead of using artificial preservatives to make our food, we should be human. That’s the best way to be more human on social media.

How to be More Human

We all have our moments when we have to be human. A recent pandemic has led to a work-from-home revolution, and many professionals are struggling to make meaningful connections in this increasingly virtual world. In this episode, Your Nerd Best Friend Beth Z shares tips on how to be more human in our digital lives. This podcast will give you tips to make technology more human-friendly. The first step is to stop comparing technology to humans.

We aren’t the only ones who have lost the ability to be human. We can use technology to make us more human. A powerful example of this is the creation of virtual events. These virtual events are a great way to build a community online. A community is a valuable place to share ideas and experience. Brands can create online communities by hosting Q&A sessions and hosting virtual events. A good example of this is Lululemon, which runs a 30-minute workout on Instagram.