The End of Happiness – Epilogue

The upcoming episode of ‘The End of Happiness’ will explore the end of the story. The series opens with Sae-Bom watching videos of Yi-Hyun while hooked up to machines and having her blood drawn. Seo-Yoon visits her mum in the hospital. She is suffering from an infection, but she plays it off as a cold. Her mum is preparing for surgery and asks for her help. However, her doctor has ordered that she stay in the hospital for the time being. Meanwhile, she has to stay with her mum until she recovers. While she recovers, Seo-Yoon turns to Sae-Bom and tells her to take care of her.

The End of Happiness

In the epilogue, Yi-hyun is confronted with Andrew and tries to take his gun from him. But the moment he is shot, Sae-bom uses his blood to turn Andrew. The two kill each other and Yi-hyun’s death makes the episode feel like she is dying. Yet, the epilogue shows that she is still alive. Her friend, Joo-hyeong, and her sister, Yeon-ok, are still alive. Hence, the show is ending with a cliffhanger.

The episode of “Happiness” is very exciting. It features shocking reveals and hints about the end. Despite the upcoming end of the show, the drama has gained much popularity among viewers. Even though there are only two episodes left, the episode makes the audience excited for a second season. The epilogue shows the birth of Seung-Young and Joo-hyeong. These two characters are also introduced in the first episode.