Why Humans Love Music

Why do we enjoy listening to music? Scientists at McGill University recently published their findings in the Journal of Neuroscience. Researchers believe they have finally proved what happens inside our brains when we listen to music we like. The scientists who studied the striatum in the brain found that it is the area that experiences the most intense pleasure. Those who experience the highest levels of empathy when listening to the music tend to have more intense reactions to it.

Why Humans Love Music

According to the researchers, music has an effect on the brain’s structure. Studies have shown that listening to music increases our happiness levels, and makes us more tolerant of others’ feelings. The dynamics and sound variations of music create a feeling of companionship, understanding, and connection. Scientists have discovered that music works in a similar way to language in inducing a shared emotional experience. While we may not understand the science behind the benefits of music, we can enjoy this emotion.

Another recent study conducted at McGill University found that people who love music are happier, more optimistic, and more tolerant of others’ emotions. This is because music releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter that causes the brain to release euphoric feelings. The dynamic and sound variations of music evoke a sense of connection, companionship, and understanding. These effects of music are similar to those of language. The joy of music is a powerful motivational tool for many people.