How to Be Less Human

How to be Less Human

How to Be Less Human

“How to be Less Human” is a study of human behaviors that reveals how we interpret people’s behaviors, and how this affects our perception of ourselves. The study is based on the belief that people are not necessarily more or less human depending on the way they behave. In fact, the opposite is actually true. Unethical behavior can lead us to think we are not quite as human as we might be. In order to understand why we behave that way, we must examine how we represent ourselves.

It’s not enough to think of ourselves as “less human.” It leads us to behave more unethically. It’s important to celebrate and embrace all of our human qualities. Even if we’re not as moral as others, we can still think of ourselves as more human. In fact, this mindset can contribute to our blatant dehumanization. Regardless, we must be aware that there is a difference between our human qualities and the ways we think of ourselves.

Those who recall dishonesty are more likely to attribute less human traits to themselves than those who remember being honest. This can lead to ethical behaviors such as lying, which can also be a form of passive aggression. However, the opposite is also true: a person who is late to a meeting should apologise. Being late can be a sign of an egotistical character, and it is important to acknowledge that.