How to Be More Human on Social Media

The question “How to be more human” is one that we’ve all faced, whether in business or personal life. We’ve become more accustomed to calculating numbers, analyzing data and figuring out how to make things better. But how can we be more human in conversation? The answer lies in tapping into our intuitive side. By letting go of conventional linear analysis and engaging our right hemisphere, we can learn how to be more compassionate and human.

How to be More Human

Intimacy involves a certain level of vulnerability, and we’re all flawed. The world is full of imperfect human beings, but good humans know when to apologize and try again. If we present ourselves in a robotic way, we come across as less than human. By acknowledging your mistakes and interacting with other people, we can be more human on social media. The resulting authenticity will increase our self-esteem and make us feel more confident about our abilities.

It’s important to understand that we need other humans to survive. We can’t survive without other humans. So, how do we become more human in our social circles? First of all, we need to acknowledge our flaws and apologize when we do them. This will make you feel more genuine, authentic and likeable, and it’ll help others recognize your flaws. And when you’re a better human, you’ll be a better person.