Imagine a World Without Fear

We have been exploring the physical world for as long as humans have been around. While we’ve struggled to understand concepts like gods and deities, and the unknown, we’ve always been aware of danger. Our evolution has been influenced by our sense of fear, and fear has always been an essential element in our survival. Yet as we’ve progressed through our history, we’ve become increasingly reliant on our natural instinct to avoid danger. In fact, physical combat was developed out of the fear of enemies, as physical combat evolved from the need to fight the enemy.

Imagine a World Without Fear

Interestingly, fearlessness is an innate human emotion. It is our body’s way of reacting to a potentially dangerous situation. Although our brain cannot determine whether a situation is genuinely dangerous, it gives us warning signs that can lead us to flee. In the case of SM, fearlessness is a symptom of Urbach-Wiethe disease, which is characterized by hoarseness, small bumps in the eyelids, and deposits on the brain.

While some people do not show any signs of fearlessness, others experience it in different ways. Some people can even be born without it, allowing them to go about their lives without feeling any fear. Other people can only feel fear if they are exposed to danger and are unable to control it. In these cases, they may not be able to do certain things or interact with other people. They may even experience nightmares as a result of their experiences.