Imagine a World Without Fear

In Imagine a World Without Fear, Max Lucado argues that we live in a world where biological fear no longer exists. Instead, we live in a world where we are free to choose our actions, and we do not need to worry about others’ reactions. For those of us who live in a society where people do not experience fear, this message is encouraging and timely. After all, we have all experienced times when our lack of fear made us think that we were doomed to a life of misery and hardship.

While we cannot completely eliminate fear, we can try to imagine a world where we no longer experience it. While we all have fears that keep us safe, many of them keep us from living the life we want. Getting rid of those fears will give you the freedom to achieve whatever you want. The more you are able to face the challenges in your life, the less fear will hold you back. With no fear of failure, you can take on the challenges you face every day and achieve your goals.

Fear is a natural human emotion. Our bodies react to threatening situations with extreme intensity. It is impossible to discern whether a situation is actually threatening or not until the moment arrives. The human body gives warning signs of a potentially dangerous situation through our tightening muscles and sweaty palms. When a person experiences fear, he or she will often start to feel frightened. Despite these warning signs, the human body still produces powerful reactions that help it to react in an effective manner.