Imagine a World Without Fear

Despite what you may have heard, fear has no place in a world where people are treated with compassion and respect. No country or family has ever been held at gunpoint. No society is threatened by an immigrant’s asylum claim. No individual needs to live in fear of police harassment. Regardless of race or gender, no one should have to fear police. A world free from fear can be a reality.

Imagine a World Without Fear

Rather than stifling fear and letting it get the best of us, we should learn to live in a world where it is not present. That way, we can experience our humanity fully. Instead of feeling scared, we can be confident and happy. In this world, we can embrace our inherent worth and achieve the things we desire most. And, while this may seem a lofty goal, it is also an achievable one.

The book, Imagine a World Without Fear, is a powerful and life-changing workbook for young people, adults, and elders alike. It has a simple and compelling message: “Fear is necessary for survival.” However, we can never truly live without it. It is our human nature to respond to fear and to respond with fear in response to such situations. For that reason, we can’t escape the existence of fear.