How to Be More Human

How to be More Human

How to Be More Human

“How to be more human” is a question that I have been asked many times. I’ve found that the more time and energy I spend looking at what other people do with their lives, the more I’m able to share with others. The goal of this article isn’t to teach you about the answers to this question, but rather to encourage you to take action and make changes within yourself. People have been doing this for centuries, and now it’s your turn.

Most people think that when someone acts like they are someone other than themselves, that makes them less human. But is that really true? Is it really true that by being someone other than ourselves, that we somehow become less human? This is definitely not the truth, and it’s time we changed our thinking on this topic.

When you think about how to be more human, you need to think about how to treat other people and the people around us in an empathic fashion. Empathy is knowing and feeling how another person feels, whether the person is a friend, partner, child, or employee. It is acting on that empathy and sharing our feelings in a way that doesn’t harm another person or our relationships. It is recognizing that people are going to be hurt and trying to stop the behavior that is causing the hurt without adding guilt, anger, or revenge to the mix. It is having the courage to step out in a non-attacker mode and talk things out rather than continuing to sit on our toes and avoid conflict.