The Reasons Why People Love Music

Some people claim that without music we would all be zombies, however I disagree because without music we would still bark, chew, and crack our teeth! Although there are many theories about why people enjoy music so much, the actual reason is far from a mystery. Music has a tendency to influence the brain and this is how it changes behavior. When listening to a musical selection such as a song, a person will notice increased activity in their left brain, known as the temporopadietal region. By listening to music in this region, it can increase the speed of decision-making, improve memory, and help people learn to control their emotions.

Why Humans Love Music

Another area where humans love music is their ability to use music as a form of self-hypnosis. Many people who listen to music have reported the ability to enter a very deep trance-like state. This is said to be caused by the increase of Dopamine which makes us feel good. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter that helps us feel pleasure and is said to make us feel happy and calm. Because dopamine is responsible for feelings such as happiness and is a key ingredient in the sense of reward, music can definitely increase our sense of reward.

Besides the areas mentioned above, music can also increase our alertness. We tend to think more clearly and are able to process new information better when we are more alert. This may explain why people with ADD or ADHD feel so motivated to listen to certain songs and dance to music with headphones. Music also has the ability to affect the body and can actually heal the body. Music has been proven to reduce blood pressure and stress which is why so many people listen to it in their spare time or while doing other activities such as reading, writing, or exercising.