Why We All Need to Imagine

Imagine a world without fear, because when we live in fear, we get sick, and when we don’t get sick, we lose our ability to think clearly. Imagine a world where we don’t take risks, where we just go with the flow. What if we never questioned authority, and refused to follow the crowd? What if we lived in constant fear of the next shoe dropping? When you allow fear to rule your life, all you get is grief. You may even be scared to death of the next shoe that falls from the sky.

Imagine a World Without Fear

It’s important to question authority, to seek knowledge about things that are beyond your control. We need to learn how to trust our fellow human beings, and have faith that they will not harm us. The truth is that fear is usually used by human beings to control other people, and is based on the fact that people who can’t handle fear, won’t do anything as a result. The truth is that fear is very dangerous, and can cause great destruction in your life… and on the world.

So what does it mean to “imagine” a better world? It means that you are willing to take a risk, to explore different possibilities, and to do your best no matter what obstacles that stand in your way. It also means that you’re willing to educate yourself, and take a stand for what’s right. Don’t sit around being afraid, because that’s just not healthy. Instead, get out there, do your research, and figure out how you can live your life to its fullest while still living in this frightening world. With your imagination, you’ll find the strength to move past any obstacles, and to truly live.