The End of Fear by David Hawkins

The End of Fear

The End of Fear by David Hawkins

The End of Fear by David Hawkins will change the way you look at panic attacks. It shows you how you can get rid of your fear of having another panic attack permanently. It takes a simple step-by-step approach that doesn’t require you to go through years of medical treatments with a view to curing yourself. In fact, The End of Fear shows you how you can cure yourself in just a matter of days. In fact, it can happen in just a few minutes!

The End of Fear describes a simple human condition called the fight reaction. This is an automatic reaction that protects us from danger. The problem with the fight reaction is that it can often lead us into situations where we are more afraid of the outcome than of the situation itself. Why are we so afraid of our fear?

The reason is that we don’t realise that we are using our fight reaction in a limited way. The problem is that our body is constantly in danger and so the sensations associated with a real danger become paralyzing. The End of Fear helps to unlock our body’s natural defense system and show us that we don’t have to fear the world more than we have to fear our fear of it. Once you learn about your body’s vulnerabilities you can overcome your fear of being vulnerable and open to feeling all our emotions and being totally vulnerable.