How to Be More Human

How to be more Human is a question that has plagued mankind since time immemorial. We are faced with the constant clash between our base instincts and the higher, universal impulses of higher consciousness – between what we want to be and what we can become. Our basic makeup and structure is replete with complexes of conflicting feelings – often, but not always, which serve as stumbling blocks to our progression in this world. So it comes as no surprise that we sometimes run out of steam or hit a plateau when trying to improve on our performance in certain endeavors.

How to be More Human

It may be said that each of us is in search of a self-contained identity separate and distinct from others. This would help us overcome some of the perennial conflicts that have preoccupied humanity since the dawn of civilization. Yet, despite our shared identity, the fact remains that there are parts of each of us that loathe the other and want to hurt each other. How to be more Human might therefore be asked in light of such conflicts. This can be solved through a better understanding of who we are and the kind of person we want to be.

We cannot make anyone more Human if we do not first accept the essential nature of each of us, our likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, and so on. In fact, it may seem hard to come up with suggestions for helping people who are clearly not doing very well at coping with personal relationships, career, or family issues, or if they are otherwise isolated and withdrawn. Still, it must be noted that such deficiencies are usually rooted in a limited view of who they were or how they wanted to be.