Imagine a World Without Fear

“Imagining a world without fear is like trying to drive through life with your hand-break on.” – Thomas Edison

Imagine a World Without Fear

This quote comes from a speech that Thomas Edison delivered while receiving the Edison Prize for his contribution to the invention of the light bulb. What Edison was trying to illustrate was just how important fear is in life, and how much we are able to push ourselves in the direction of our choice if we are able to remove the source of fear. Fear is one of those things that seem to only haunt us when we least expect it. Yet fear is a necessary part of life. It is what allows us to pursue our dreams, and it is also what keeps us from accomplishing those dreams. Without fear, life would be little more than a series of unhappy experiences.

What is the most basic fear that we all have, the one that prevents us from living life to the fullest? We may think that it is fear of the unknown, or maybe fear of failure, but the real fear that lies deep beneath all of these is fear of not being understood. The only way for us to truly understand our own self and others is to face the fears that limit us. This requires that we first imagine the possibility of understanding to begin with; then building upon that to create a more secure and balanced self.