What Will the Singularity Feel Like?

One of the most asked questions about Artificial Intelligent computer systems is what will the Singularity feel like? When you start to think about all of the technology that is already out there, the answer may not be what you expect. In fact, one day when you wake up and go to your computer, you may not remember what it was that you were thinking about when you came up with that question.

What will the Singularity Feel Like

The Singularity is coming, it is not too far off and we are already working on it. It is called the future of software and it is very real. What will it feel like? Some people will say it is like flying to the moon or Mars, but if we can survive in those atmospheres, we can surely handle a trip to another planet without getting our solar system damaged or burned out. There will come a time when our equipment will be able to repair itself and we will not need astronauts, but many people feel that time is now.

Many people believe that if we do not get involved in the future of mankind now, we will be left behind and there will be chaos. So, what will the Singularity Feel like? It may be one of those strange days when all of the dreams you had as a child suddenly come true. We are all trying to make our future better and more exciting, so it would seem that we should not worry about what will the Singularity Feel like, but rather what now matters. Perhaps you will even be able to take some lessons from the masters of the future and use those to help you achieve even greater things in your life.