The End of Happiness By Henry David Thoreau – A Review

The End of Happiness

The End of Happiness By Henry David Thoreau – A Review

The End of Happiness by Henry David Thoreau is one of my personal favorite books. It’s very short and to the point without a lot of fluff. I have read other books by this great writer, but this one is on my top ten list. This book explores what it means to be happy. What are the things that make us truly happy or are we just chasing the happiness.

The End of Happiness describes a lot of issues in the human race. It talks about the effect of consumerism on our economy, and how fast food places and other fast food outlets ruin the quality of our lives. It also talks about how the materialism of the world has lead to people not being content with what they have, and this causes them to seek more materialistic things in life. It talks about how many relationships in life fail because of the type of people involved. It discusses the different types of relationships that people have such as friends, lovers, family, strangers and coworkers.

The End of Happiness was inspired by an actual experience that the author had while he was on a train. He had a bad day and went through several terrible experiences. After reading the book, I realized that even though I was going through a bad time in my life, there were still better days ahead. It helped me to understand what it really takes to be happy and what is necessary for me to achieve that state. Reading this book made me realize that happiness is not only subjective, but is an internal state that we all have access too.