The End of Fear and Its Predictability

One of the best lines I ever wrote was, “Why are we so afraid?” Why is our fear of fear so crippling? Why do we live in the constant state of fear of danger, fear of failure, fear of losing our jobs, fear of anything that might cause us fear… Why do we let fear rule our lives? What’s wrong with being afraid sometimes? Why don’t we just say, “Stop!”

The End of Fear

You see, whenever you lie awake at night and fear catastrophes, you’re engaging in a form of daily ritualized behavior, and your body is reacting by sending you fearful messages. When you believe, day in and day out, that you will be hurt or that you will fail at whatever you’re trying to accomplish, then you can create life-threatening panic attacks with no warning. When you anticipate major catastrophes with minor accidents occurring regularly, you’ll be tense all the time, feeling like you’re about to die, going crazy, having heart palpitations, trembling, sweating, having chills, etc. When you regularly alter your thinking and view of these worst-case scenarios from a positive perspective, you’re less likely to engage in catastrophically negative thoughts and have more positive thoughts. The End of Fear is the simple solution to this consistently recurring problem.

The solution is very simple: Just change the way you think and view the world whenever you encounter the slightest sign of danger. Don’t dwell on the worst-case scenarios. Whenever you feel the fear, mentally engage in “The End of Fear.” See it as a catastrophic event – a major incident where you will die or lose your job, lose your house, get hit by a bus, lose your children, lose your sanity, etc. – in your mind’s eye, but in your mind, you see it as a one-time occurrence.