Happiness, The End of Greed

The End of Happiness

Happiness, The End of Greed

Comparison is the opposite of happiness. Do you know that there are more unhappy people than happy people in this world? I do, and it makes me sad. A simple flower does not think of competing for the same flower next to it in the garden. It just blooms happily.

There really is no comparison between a small flower and a huge tree or even a bushel of corn. The contrast lies in the fact that the happy life is composed of a series of very small actions, each of which is self-sufficient in nature and therefore contributes to its own growth. Compare a bushel of corn to a flower – each of which contains only a small amount of seeds. A bushel of flowers will wilt in a very short time if it is not properly cared for. So too will a small seed in our small human frame.

If you want to be happy, you have to understand that happiness is a complete concept, one that cannot be taken out of the dictionary. You can either live a happy life by virtue of the complete concept, or you can live a miserable life by virtue of parts – by trying to act virtuously, by being industrious and so on. But, if you understand the concept of completeness in happiness, you will have no problem getting what you want and nothing to feel sorry for.