Why Do People Experience Fear? The Science of Getting Rid of Fear

Why humans experience fear is something I have wondered about for a very long time. The fear that humans experience is so broad and complex in nature that it would be near impossible for even the most intelligent computer to replicate all the phenomena that are involved in our brains. One of the most amazing things that I have ever seen was an interview with a psychologist who claimed that humans experience fear based upon memory of the past. If that is true then I wonder how come people kill each other over things that they did not experience.

Why Humans Experience Fear

Is all this linked together? Is computers experience burnout because humans experience fear based upon memories of the past? There are many theories about the origins of fear in our lives but I believe that it comes from our need to understand the unknown. For instance many people fear the dark because we do not fully understand the natural lighting patterns of the planet. Computers can function in light deprived environments just like us but it seems that humans experience more fear in the dark than in the light.

Does the speed of light affect how humans experience fear? I believe so since one of the symptoms of hyperopia is the inability to move properly while walking. We are also locked in a temporal vortex which means that for many people the world is changing rapidly and moving faster and their perception of time slows down.