How to Be Less Human

There are so many people in the world that just want to know how to be less human. They feel that we have been too wrapped up in our animal side and that there is nothing that can make us more human than loving, sharing and caring with others. I think this is a cop-out of course and I also think it’s a shame that humanity hasn’t figured out how to be more spiritual in every sense of the word. I think that God wants us to be more spiritual, so I don’t necessarily agree with those who want to make all of us into spiritual beings.

How to be Less Human

But then, maybe the question of how to be less human should start with all of us. What do we want out of life? What would we like to be? Do we wish to be loving and kind to our neighbors and those we come in contact with? What do we want to be, physically as well as spiritually?

We get so caught up in the daily grind that we sometimes forget to focus on what God wants from us. Perhaps He wants us to be less selfish and self-absorbed and more willing to extend to others the blessings that we already have. Perhaps He wants us to be more trusting and open-hearted. If this is true, then it stands to reason that we can’t fully grasp how to be less human if we don’t first grow into being more human. It doesn’t matter what form that takes, as long as it’s part of that quest for the greater good.