Nightmares – The End of Fear

One of the most common themes running through nightmares is that of The End of Fear. When nightmares begin to plague us, they often seem to be in the form of a final confrontation – between ourselves and some unseen, unseeing entity that represents everything we fear or dread. We may fear death, or we may fear our health, or our careers, or a host of other things.

The End of Fear comes to us in the final stages of the human condition, as sanity slowly loses its hold over our imaginations and our egos, and the only remaining protection from these impending attacks is a kind of psychic shielding mechanism that silences all fear responses and allows us to go about our business unhindered. The shield that renders this type of psychic protection is our vulnerability. It’s not that we can’t fight back against threats in our lives; quite the opposite. It’s that we try to avoid exposure to the truth about ourselves and the world around us.

In order to expose this truth about ourselves and the world, we must learn to fight back. The great strength of the human condition is the ability to be exposed to our fears, and yet to remain unmoved by them. This is the key to our being able to protect ourselves from the anxiety that leads to our exposure to The End of Fear. The ability to stay unmoved by fear, and instead confront it, is the most powerful tool we have for ensuring that we don’t end up exposed to The End of Fear.