Why Do People Like Music? Some Answers You May Not Have Known

When I was a child, I could never understand why my parents would spend hours upon hours playing classical music or jazz when they themselves could play much better things in their own time that were much cheaper. However, when I got to high school, things became more clear to me. The reason humans love music is because they can use it to create and recreate feelings and experiences. This has been scientifically proven through the ages and is the basis for the discipline of psychology.

If you ask people why they love music, they will probably tell you that it relaxes them and gives them a feeling of wellbeing. People also love music because it inspires creativity and it helps them express what they have inside of them. It’s interesting to note that all this is true even though most people don’t admit it or realize that there are underlying psychological aspects to their actions and emotions. As with all things, music is an extension of something that humans do on a daily basis and it is through music that we humans process our emotions.

For instance, if we are angry at another person, our brains release large amounts of dopamine. This causes us to show other signs of anger like raised blood pressure and our heart rate goes up. However, if we are joyful and in a positive mood, our brain chemistry will be different and we will not show these outward signs. We will instead use our voices, words, and our bodies to create happiness through music the same way that our joy is created through music.