What Is The Meaning of Life?

The meaning of life has much to do with the person’s attitude towards life. When a person looks at life and ponders over its meaning, what he comes up with is usually a very unique experience and usually with a very good idea of what his life should be like. The person who has made this conclusion usually has a strong belief in a personal God and a very strong sense of personal responsibility. Some people have this belief that they will live forever while others feel they will die before they live. However, most people who have made this decision have come to realize that they have been wrong and that they should live life to the fullest.

The meaning of life may also be understood through the philosophy of Ayn Rand. Rand explored the philosophical foundations of her novel The Fountain of Abundance in great detail. In this work, she presented an elaborate picture of how philosophy, reason, and happiness interwoven with each other and led to one common goal which was the pursuit of a higher level of intellectual and emotional awareness. According to Rand, what is the meaning of life is the realization of this philosophy and the happiness that comes from it.

Philosophical literature on the meaning of life varies greatly from philosopher to philosopher, as does the variety of answers that people give when quizzed regarding what is the meaning of life. However, most people agree that philosophy, reason, and happiness play an important part in one’s personal and public life. A good number of philosophers argue that philosophy cannot help people live better because it offers no answer to the problem of living, but only answers why one lives a mediocre life. Still, there are some philosophers who agree that philosophy can help a person to find his place in the world, his place in the society, and the happiness he seeks for himself.