The Truth About Fear – And What It Gets Us Not to Know

Imagine a World Without Fear, which is to say that you stop bearing witness to the iniquity of us all. We are creatures of habit, and the habit of ourselves is fear. We have been conditioned to think that if we don’t do something it will be awful or if we do it right there and then it is okay. But life is about making choices, living in the moment and so on, so how can we stop being controlled by fear? It doesn’t have to be this way, one of my favourite quotes is by Goethe “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.” So why are we still scared to do what is right in front of our own god or authority?

What if we just got up and did our best every day regardless, this would be better than what we are doing now which is nothing more than a sham to try and impress people? It is amazing how many people feel that they have to try and impress others when they know that the only person who can do anything is God or someone special. No one is perfect and no one should feel they are because of what others think of them. Imagine a world without fear, where no one tried to please others over other people’s views or feelings, where we followed the law of attraction and took action each and everyday even when nobody was looking.

So what can we do today to rid ourselves of fear? There are many methods that have been developed over time for the purposes of spiritual development, but it all basically comes down to one thing. We must learn to detach from fear, not let it control our lives and push us into places that we are not ready for. It would also help greatly if we took action ourselves, by reading books on the subject, attending seminars on the subject, joining in groups on the topic and talking to people about it. This is the only real way of gaining a true understanding of the world around us and how to move forward without fear.