How to Be Less Human by Lisa Nichols – A Book Review

How to be Less Human is a short book by Keith B. Laggos that describes the steps to creating and developing a “king-sized” positive thinking habit. Laggos includes exercises on how to become a “social butterfly” with the ability to “talk to strangers,” “make small talk,” and “give off self-confidence.” The ten verses of the book describe the journey to becoming “less the human.” In it, Laggos compares the human mind to a banana with the brain as the hinge, or control center, and the body the wiring. This book takes you on a voyage through the “guts” of the creative process by showing you how to break your habits of negative thinking (such as the “anish” attitude described in the previous paragraph), “blame your success on the lottery, or the market, or people or God, or just life in general” and “putting blame where it’s not due.”

How to be Less Human does not advocate the breaking of habits or the use of powerful drugs such as ecstasy, cocaine, alcohol, crystal, marijuana, mushrooms, etc. These are habits. The focus in the book instead, is on taking the reigns and setting the mind free to create whatever one wants from their new found freedom. The ten verses of the book illustrate how to accomplish this by saying, first, “you will feel yourself being less human as you begin the change,” and, second, “as you take those first steps toward a new era of your own individuality, you will find that others around you, both those who love you and those who hate you, will actually encourage you and help you along.” Reading this book made me want to take up yoga and meditation to be in harmony with my new thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions, and I did. And why shouldn’t I?

How to be Less Human is a challenging, enlightening read, especially for those with an openness to change in their lives and in the world at large. It does not promote fear or negativity, rather promotes positivity and hope. If one only has to read one book on writing, then this one should be added to the books on my list, “How to Be Less Human.”