The End of Fear – How to Overcome Vulnerability

There is no such thing as the End of Fear. We are humans and we have always been scared. In fact, fear is a mechanism that protects us from danger and it is also what motivates us to do things that we consider necessary to survive.

However, what we have today is a much more intense version of fear because there is no longer a balance between fear and motivation. In fact, there is too much fear and not enough motivation. Why are we so afraid? Why do we constantly dwell on the fear of failure, lie awake at the hands of fear, and continuously react to even small accidents as if they are in the grip of the worst possible danger to our existence?

The reason for all this is that we have lost the ability to control our emotions or our reactions to certain events. When we experience fear, we either interpret it as a sign that we failed or as a sign that we are vulnerable. We then begin to overreact and take aggressive action in an effort to protect ourselves from the exposure of weakness. However, we cannot fight our vulnerability forever and only by learning to control our emotions can we ever hope of escaping the clutches of fear.