How to Use Music Streaming Services to Improve Your Memory and IQ

Many folks put forth the theory that perhaps humans were put on this earth to listen to music and that indeed they are very good listeners. In fact, they have been known to compose entire songs of poetry with the use of only one note per melody. This is also part of the reason that many folks will sing in their sleep or off key. However, this could be a problem for Russia’s next president, because if their next president starts singing very early in the morning, then I think they’re going to have some serious trouble, because you cannot campaign using music and then not sing during the evening and all of your other speeches and debates as well. Indeed, I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

Interestingly enough, there’s a science behind why humans love music and we know that when we are listening to that music, the areas of our brain which processes language and what we are saying are activated, therefore leading to an improved understanding and an enhanced memory, which again leads to an enhanced understanding and remembrance of everything we hear and see. So it makes sense, therefore, to make sure your next president is as well-informed and cultured as possible. It just might pay dividends down the line and help you win the next Nobel Peace Prize. Consider all this in 2021.

Here’s another interesting bit of information; many scientists believe that the reason people have better memories and higher IQ’s is due to the fact that during REM sleep, the part of the brain which processes emotion, is actually turned off. Therefore, the reason people have better memory skills and higher IQ’s is because they are better able to process information and deal with emotions when awake. Therefore, when you use music streaming services to listen to your favourite songs, and turn up the volume, it might be the perfect combination to make you feel like you’re really sleeping, and the fact that you’re singing along helps. Studies have shown that singing while sleeping improves your creativity, and this may explain why so many musicians are successful at what they do. If you’re an aspiring musician, it might even pay dividends for you to get involved with a group and try out a few tunes before you actually become successful.