How to Be More Human Than Your Computer

How to be More Human

How to Be More Human Than Your Computer

Right now the largest obstacle to being triumphant on the social network is through poor quality micro-interaction with low quality human beings; a lot of which goes unappreciated. But with new technologies becoming more prevalent in our day to day life, businesses will find that this will be the new norm soon enough. But only if they can learn a way to make the metrics work, businesses that put a human element to themselves actually stand to be the industry leaders for a space that is still in it’s earliest stages. Below are some of the top strategies that I believe will help you.

We are Social: We are social beings by nature. And when we connect with another human being on a personal level we are going to give them more consideration than a simple statistic might. And when you consider the fact that over 70% of all companies in the entire world communicate through social networks. This means that companies are not just sending messages to their employees, but also indirectly to their consumers or followers on social networks. If a company can turn that into a profit producing strategy then they can become quite profitable.

Be Human: The days where people are content to simply operate machines is gone. Every person on this planet has some kind of emotional quotient that can add value to a company. If they are able to tap into that value then companies are going to find that they have a captive audience of individuals that will gladly spend money with them. So if you want to be more human than your computer can ever be, then you need to be Human. Don’t use a robot as a replacement.