How to Be Less Human

How to be Less Human

How to Be Less Human

In these times when everyone seems to be so busy chasing their own desires and goals that they hardly spend time noticing or thinking about the singularity of existence. Everyone is busy chasing their own mark, and yet, they seem to have forgotten that the mark is only a part of a much bigger picture. The singleity of this world is manifested in every aspect of life; but humans have only become conscious of it’s singularity. Humans seem to want to make happiness their number one goal. In fact, humans have made many sacrifices and broken promises, all in the name of happiness. So, how to be less human is a question that has plagued man throughout his whole existence.

There are those who would say that humans should not bow down to the demands of their fellow beings, or try to understand the need for others, in this world without fear. How to be less human is a question that those who have made a living answering that question would tell you is impossible. You see, humans have become so aware of the singularity of this world, that they have learned to fear it. In fact, we have been taught so much fear over the years that it has become ingrained into all of us. It has caused all of us to strive so hard just to make ends meet, and survive; while in essence, there are no longer any real needs.

Humans have become so caught up in this need for security, that it has led to wars and destruction all over the world, and it has caused us to disregard the love and peace that we once possessed. How to be Less Human is something we need to address, before our world would again be consumed by warring and destruction. You see, the world would be a much better place if humans took care of each other; and stopped trying to get ahead of the others.