How to Be More Human

“How to be More Human” is an exploration of what being human means to each person on this planet. After all, is the definition of humanity being limited to the ability to communicate or share a physical existence? What if the definition of humanity could include all of the various kinds of beings who are part of the planet earth?

How to be More Human

In “How to be More Human,” Marina Ledochowski provides several different theories on what it means to be human. For example, she claims that being human is having the ability to experience empathy, and even have self-esteem, respect and a sense of humor. The book also explores what being human means when we learn to respect other people, whether they are our own kind or another species. What people need to understand is that, while we can have compassion for another without getting involved with them emotionally or trying to change their character, we often interfere in their personal relationships and attempt to alter them in some way.

Other theories in “How to be More Human” include those that relate to becoming aware of one’s place in the world, the different kinds of emotions humans experience, the ways in which one can use fear to protect oneself and ones place in the world, and even how one can cultivate optimism and hope. This book explores all of these topics in depth, from how humans make love, to the different kinds of violence that may be experienced, and even touches on the nature of greed. The different theories in this book cover all areas of human consciousness and explore many different themes including: what makes us human, empathy, violence, politics, spirituality and ethics. This is one of the most well-written books on the subject of being human I’ve ever read, and if you are a person who enjoys exploring different theories on what it means to be human, this is a great book for you to read. Highly recommended.