How to Imagine a World Without Fear

Imagine a World Without Fear

How to Imagine a World Without Fear

What if we could all just Imagine a World Without Fear and let our fears run away! What if we did not give into the fear of anything and everything? What if instead we just sat there and contemplated the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, the Beautiful and the Beast, without adding fuel to the fire? What if instead of being fearful we chose to see the Good in everything and everyone and then decided that we would like to be part of the Good.

I have had those moments where I have allowed my fears to consume me, thinking that it was somehow “right” or normal. After experiencing these moments however, I have realized that I was being deprived of true happiness. What would this world be like if we did not have any fears at all? What if we were to simply allow our minds to be open to everything, instead of shutting them away?

Can you imagine how much more you would feel? Would you be able to sleep better? Can you imagine what it would be like to wake up each morning and wonder if you could “do it” or not? Would you be more able to laugh in everyday life?